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Adventure Awaits

We searched for an app to have fun in our communities. We did not find one, so we made one.

Platstar is here to connect you with the people and adventures in the world around you. We're bringing the monuments, natural beauty, and events of your community to your fingertips. Find an adventure, chat with your neighbors, find out where the beach party's at, the world is your oyster!

Community is Everything

We want to get people connected to each other.

Platstar brings the ability to chat about places AND communities. Our @Spot tags are for the @Hangouts, @Towns, and @Cities of your life! We have #Community tags about things like #Running, #Snowboarding, or #Physics! Combine them to really link up with people on the same wavelength as you!

Sessions of the future

Sessions are the next generation of social activity.

With Sessions you can track a workout, pick-up game, or ride with full stats. Record, pause, or stop a Session at your leisure to protect your privacy. You can even share Sessions in a post or on the map to let people watch or link up with you in real-time. Never hear "Where are you at?" again!

We Love Privacy

With all the scandals going around we want to say this:

Platstar is not here to creep on your life. You choose who to share your location with. We use location features to give you a good experience, not build a psychological profile of you, your grandma, and your kittens. We might sell things like heat maps: where crowds were and what they were doing in general. We will NOT sell private information that could be used to identify you. As a growing venture we want to build Platstar in a way that truly protects  our users' privacy.

Platstar’s Alpha Progress


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