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Adventure Awaits

Use our map to discover the action, spots, and posts local to you.

Cure Your Boredom

Chat, see where the party's at, or meet up with your friends, all at the touch of a button.

Social Sessions

Use Platstar to track your ride, workout, or adventure. See detailed stats to learn, grow, and compete with your friends.

The Frontier Of Fun

Explore and build the ultimate map of fun and adventure. Earn props, prestige, and perks for taking part in the journey.

Feeds For Reality

Live, love, and share life with your friends, city, or neighborhood using our tag system for spots and sports.

We Love Privacy

We have your back with strong privacy controls, anonymous posting, and core values against creeping on people in general. You choose who to share your location with at all times. We do not sell private data and are committed to a strong and open stance on privacy in general.

Platstar’s Alpha Progress


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