The Search for Freedom

With Platstar you can find all the fun landmarks and places around you, get up with your friends, and set up hangouts anywhere, any time. Chat in real time with people about any topic imaginable, join communities for the places and ideas you love, and help us re-map the Earth with the gnarliest places known to humankind. Let’s search for freedom together. Freedom from the couch, freedom from boredom, we want to bring you the freedom to find fun and friendship in a way nobody’s done before.

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Our Features

A Map To Having Fun

Our map shows you the posts, spots, and events happening near you, or anywhere in the world. Find new and exciting adventures to go on, find pickup games and meetups in your area, and chat with people all over the world.


Check weather reports and see where people are having fun in real time!

Chat With Your Community

Every hashtag has their own profile, and caretakers, letting communities form around any subject. Talk about #Football, chat with people in your @Hometown, or muse about #Painting with other people! We’ve built the tools to let people form communities about everything they love.

Share Life In Real Time

When you want to show off your latest trick, talk about the weather that day at your favorite resort, or organize a pickup game, or just chat with people: make a Post! Tag it up and people in all of those communities and places will be able to take part! Our feeds and map use cutting edge tech to show you the action in real time!

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