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Where Is Platstar?

The Platstar app is currently in version 0.7 alpha testing mode. What does this mean? There will be some glitches, and a lot of our vision isn’t in yet. This is a brave new adventure, but for the most part it’s working great!

What It Means to be Alpha

Our Alpha Users are the first to get an inside peak of the app before its official release on app stores; we ask you to work with us as we move towards the release of an epic new experience! Due to Apple and Android policy we can only give out invites by email during Alpha Testing, so please sign up for our Email List for updates and for an invite to our phone apps! Our Web App is currently open to anybody who wants to join up and is available at:

(Protip: The web app works quite nice on updated Android and iOS web browsers.)

The number 0.7 is a bit below 1.0 (when we think Platstar will be ready for the public) so construction is in progress. There are some kinks and we ask you to give us feedback about what’s not working, what’s glitchy, or just what you think is a good idea on our blog or at the #Bugs hashtag. We will definitely keep you in mind and give you rewards fitting of a pioneer for your effort!

Right now we’re focusing on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari for our web app, with iOS and Android mobile apps. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee anything to work at all on the likes of Internet Explorer, because Internet Explorer is quite old and doesn’t support crucial web app technology. When reporting bugs please tell us about your experience, and importantly, why you’re using Platstar. We’ll use your amazing feedback to really clean things up!

We Need Your Advice

As we work towards our official release we hope that you, our users, enjoy watching the app develop over time, and we encourage you to be an active part of the process. Our vision is to build a new kind of community, and the only way we can do that is by really honing in on what our skiers, skateboarders, and outdoors enthusiasts appreciate as good communities. We hope you will join us and Live the Adventure!

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