Our Features

The Platstar app is currently in the development phase.  Below is a list of all the current features already working on version 0.6.  Please keep in mind that some bugs may exist in the features that have been developed thus far.  Any feedback regarding bugs found would be appreciated.

Adding Spots

You’re able to add spots to the map with any sports tags you desire.  Draw a simple radius or any shape; try out our trail builder.  Search the interactive map by your favorite sports tag and figure out the best spots for your passion.  Each spot has its own unique profile with info and a news feed.  Once you’ve laid the spot done you control the official profile pic, banner pic, and info for that spot.


Showcase events on the interactive map by displaying upcoming tournaments, concerts, competitions, and other happenings.  Send your friends invites to increase their publicity.  Search our interactive map by sports tags to look for events in addition to spots.

Fun Finder

Use the fun finder to locate spots, events, or friends near you.  Search for events by you favorite tags on certain dates.  Look for spots and events within a specified distance.  Figure out which of your friends are near by and what they’re up too.

Sports Tags

Our sports tag system allows you to look for spots on the map based on action sports, outdoors, and music tags.  Search for skate spots, upcoming concerts, or campgrounds close by and see what people have to say about them.  Add a sports tag to your post and update any news feed to show posts with #Snowboarding or #MountainBiking.  The tag system works in a hierarchy with each sport possessing its own news feed.  Posting in #Snowboarding will automatically redirect posts to #WinterSports as well.


You’re able to create both private and public communities that own their own news feeds as well.  Create communities to talk about common interests with people in your area.  Search through the communities thread to see what individuals are involved in your neighborhood.

Chat Rooms

In addition to spots and events, you can also create chat rooms on the interactive Platstar map.  The chat rooms can be public or anonymous, and the anonymous chat rooms even track who you  anonymously are.  Add a tag to the chat room to start a conversation about a certain topic or rant freely under the guise of anonymity.  The choice of how to what to conversate about is up to you.