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Platstar is our attempt at a new breed of social network – one that helps you go to new places, make real life connections, and have real life experiences. We desire to create a social media tool that brings adventure to you and your community! Right now we are in Alpha status.


What’s Platstar about?

1. Live the Adventure

We desire to bring you the freedom to find fun and adventure tailored to your passions. We want to make it easy to find cool events, discover the finest sporting environments, and make new friends who share the same hobbies. We wish to make it easy to talk with people that are actually around you with our reactive map and hashtag framework, letting you see what people are thinking and doing in your community, or anywhere in the world.

2. Discover Popular Spots

Platstar’s main feature is an interactive map that searches for spots catered to the action sports and outdoors communities. Update the map by hashtags to search for #Skateboarding, #RockClimbing, #Hiking, #Camping, or your favorite hobby. Hold your thumb on our map to put down a new spot using the trail-builder or shape-builder. Each location has its own personal news feed that the founder of the spot gets to curate.

3. Record Sessions

Our sessions feature tracks your location and statistics. This feature shows your location to your friends on our map while it’s running. Afterwords, it produces a map of your route with charts showing altitude and velocity change through time. Attach pictures to your sessions and post your stats to their appropriate newsfeed.

How do I join?

Our Web App is currently open to everybody, and is made to run on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (sorry IE users, we can’t make it work on that!). By signing up for our Email List we can shoot you an invite to the Alpha testing of our iOS and Android apps, which have more of the phone bells and whistles working. We won’t spam you or sell your email, because that’s awful.

Why are we making Platstar?

We’re trying to solve some problems!

1. We want a tech renaissance for real life

The Internet lets people chat all over the world, any time and any place. However, it’s widely understood that just talking over the phone gets you just 10% of a face-to-face conversation. Text gets you less than that. We’re working hard at finding ways for people to get out and get face-to-face time. In our opinion, the number one thing needed is a reason to get out which is why we’re working on the tools to make events, pickup games, or parties easy to find and show up to. With a real-time map of events, hangouts, and what spots are hot we want to figure out the formula to deprogram the feed flipping life and forge the friendly fun life.

2. People need tools to rebuild their communities

Where do people come together anymore? In the past people would rally around town events, farmer’s markets, church, or festivals, but these are all becoming increasingly rare. Without reasons to come together it’s getting harder for people to make new friends and build healthy communities. A lack of community is becoming a progressively more serious problem for America. We think that the next step in social networking is going to be a focus on face-to-face interaction and getting people to have real fun together. By making a geographic, town and city based app, we want to let people dip their toes in online, talk to the people they could go out with in real life, and reforge the human experience.

3. We think online communities can be done better too

We’re sure you’ve heard at some point the word “echo chamber” thrown around. It’s a real thing. Most of the current popular social networks use advanced statistics to show you a small bubble of the ideas, opinions, and even news going on. Most forums are only for a single community, hashtags only cover a single subject. You see a feed of what a robot AI thinks you want to see, and there’s little choice to choose your own experience. When you think about it, isn’t that kind of weird? When you’re at dinner do you only talk about dinner? Does a robo buddy throw a list of random talking points down on your table?

Our Tag System is designed to let you talk to multiple communities in one post. Each tag has its own feed, and you can subscribe to whatever tags you want to see in your feed. Instead of being limited to random junk from the last day you can see the newest, trending, and hottest posts of the last day, week, or even all time! We think with this flexibility, combining Hashtags and Spot tags for real life places it’s possible to bring forth awesome conversations with your community and make it possible to find them too.

Thank You

For reading this far! If this sounds interesting to you we would love to have you on board through our Web App and Email List! The more people we have in local communities the more fun Platstar is going to be, so we’re going to work very hard at getting it out there. We hope in the coming days to see you join the Search for Freedom! Please join up or leave a comment below on what you think. Ciao!

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