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Adventure Awaits

Platstar is here to take you on fun adventures and share the experiences with your friends.

  • Find the Spot: Discover local venues to skate, surf, ski, hike, camp; you name it all at the touch of your screen
  • Explore Our Interactive Map: Search our map by hashtags and update the Spots to suite your interests
  • Share Life: Add pictures or Sessions to your favorite spot profile with it's own unique news feed
  • Chat Locally: Chat city by city, place by place and get to know your neighbors

Sessions of the future

The next generation of social activity tracking.

  • Record Your Session: Track your change in location, speed, and altitude
  • Generate Charts: Publish charts displaying your stats, and post them to their appropriate news feeds
  • Meet Up: Show your location to your friends on our interactive map
  • Compete: Contend with other users to see who has the best stats

We Love Privacy

With all the scandals going around we want to say this:

Platstar is not here to creep on your life. You choose who to share your location with. We use location features to give you a good experience, not build a psychological profile of you. We will NOT sell private information that could be used to identify you. As a growing venture we want to build Platstar in a way that truly protects  our users' privacy.

Platstar’s Alpha Progress


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